Condition: VERY GOOD

The damascus 16 gauge barrel is faintly marked Charlesworth's patent No. 101.  The ebony forearm grip is marked "Patent Elevator 67".  There are British proof marks on the breach.  The following are instructions on how to use the gun:

"The use of this gun is so easily acquired that a child may shoot with it, if strict attention be given to the following directions:-
Stand with the head erect, exactly as in archery.  Screw the Elevator well up, and grasp it firmly round the lower part with the left hand, then hold the gun with both arms extended as in the figure.  In taking sight, be sure to look along the whole length of the gun.
In firing for the first time, not more than half the usual sporting charge should be put into the gun, say one drachm of powder and half an ounce of shot.  At each successive shot the charge may be increased, so long as it is found that the recoil is under control.  An ounce of shot and two and a half drachms of powder may, after a little practice, be fired with perfect safety.
If the shooter looks down upon the barrel instead of looking along it, the shot will pass awry the mark aimed at."


Charlesworth Elevator Gun Percussion Cane Shotgun